I feel you pain…

My tears have also flowed full of guilt … I also felt incapable, if only I had been able to keep my baby inside a little longer … if I had not eaten so much salt, sugar or whatever else I thought might have contributed to my baby’s prematurity … I’ve already lost nights of […]

The first time our eyes met.

This was the first time our eyes met. After we’ve had difficult days and hours of impending risk all I can read in your eyes was “Mommy, we made it, we won!” Thank God my son, and Mommy is very proud of you. Everyone believed that you would be born less responsive because of all […]

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Preemie Mom

Prematurity isn’t something that disappears when a baby leaves the NICU, it’s something we will carry for our entire life. I am a preeclampsia survivor and I’m so grateful. My son today is a healthy boy and I’m so grateful. I am grateful for the research being done every day to save preemies. On this […]

Welcome to the Motherhoodland

Welcome to the Motherhoodland, it’s a land where you are forced to learn the art of adjustability. One minute you feel like you’re doing a great job and start to believe you have actually birthed the perfect angel. Everything is so undeniably beautiful. You feel like you were born to be a mom and you’re enthusiastic […]

Who cares for the newborn mother?

Today I saw a comment from a blogger that I follow and I even identify with some things she posts, but this comment, I disagreed, and not only disagreed but I had an immense will from there, in her post, write all that. The comment, which was in fact a criticism, and of the fiercest, […]